About Us

Be ready to know us

Who we are

Level Zero was formed to be your trusted public data advisor and bring the policy and technical expertise
necessary for agencies to thrive in this new and changing world. Our leadership is comprised of policy, data and engineering experts with unique knowledge of state and local government systems and procedures.

What we do

Level Zero provides legislative compliance consulting, data analytics and IT infrastructure planning. In short, we're helping public agencies efficently navigate legislative mandates and public demand for modernized services.


Why choose us

Data is rapidly changing how we interact, transact and evaluate the world we live in. In recent years, technology
has transformed nearly every industry and facet of our lives. This is fostering a new set of opportunities – and
demands – on the public sector. Level Zero is dedicated to helping public agencies meet and exceed the
expectations of an increasingly tech-driven society.


Our Dedicated Team

Robb Korinke -

Policy and data expert and a leading advocate for data-driven public policy.

Wallace WALROD -

PH.d in Regional Economics and an established touchstone for public and private sector firms delivering public services.

Frank URY -

Technical Expertise and more than 20 years as an elected official.